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Capital and operating leasing.

L&ELP expertise in structuring and placing capital (finance) and operating lease requirements extends to over 50 years. 
Through numerous tax, accounting and local domicile regulatory changes L&ELP continues to provide solutions that keep corporates and vendors ahead of their competition.

L&ELP use risk transfer techniques which can reduce the typical underwriting and cost requirements typically envisaged with such funding providers. The subscription and lease based offering excludes any vehicular assets.

• Subscription and lease based monetisation of intangible asset.
• Non-vehicular subscription and lease based finance from $500k.
• Subscription and lease based monetisation of technology originated data.
Technology focused, cloud, software, hardware, and services from $ 500k.  

Technology, Software, Cloud & "As a Service".

L&ELP is provides expertise in the structuring and provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) lease and "as a service" based provision and financing. 
Whenever the ICT fleet budget is discussed, one question is nearly always on the agenda: should we purchase or pay for ICT equipment and services as-a lease, service or via a subscription?
It's a recurring question.
The answer is simple.
Unless you only have a few employees using computers for very basic tasks, up front purchasing in the highest cost.
Undoubtedly the highest total cost of ownership (TCO).We'll prove it to you.
When purchasing, you pay for all your hardware upfront - including VAT. This represents a significant outlay of money, Your new ICT has not yet contributed to creating revenue or value, they have already cut into your budget. Once you own them, you will then have to deal with maintenance, repairs and/or upgrades, technical problems, data removal and recycling.
With L&ELP, you pay for the use of the equipment over time. Easily upgrade, or refresh your ICT.
A L&ELP model takes into account the residual value of the equipment. With a L&ELP lease or subscription model, your equipment is collected, data wiped and recycled and new upgraded equipment is installed via a funding model. With L&ELP modelling, Total Cost Ownership (TCO) is reduced.
ICT is changing all the time. The loss of value is considerable due to new uses, new technologies and changing needs. When the risk of obsolescence is high, a L&ELP model offers more flexibility.

Operational management
"As-a-service" models accommodate your changing business needs. You can order additional equipment during the course of your L&ELP model or hand back early. When new versions are released you can also refresh your estate with the latest assets halfway through your contract. L&ELP  contracts can apply to any digital devices, so you have complete freedom over the brands and suppliers to use.
With a L&ELP model, there are no hidden costs.
With purchase, the TCO must be integrated into the overall budget. The purchase price of the equipment then often becomes only a fraction of the total price. 

A L&ELP lease, As-a-service or subscription model is the way to transform your business and future-proof your operations.

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High Value Vendor & End User Subscription Models.

The movement of corporates from asset ownership to a subscription-based model distorts the revenue models of manufacturers, who bear the costs of production but only earn revenues on a monthly basis. 
Additional, control of subscribed assets create additional problems.
Within the primary Subscription sectors, such as software, this is a surmountable issue.
Higher value and physical goods pose cashflow and security problems to manufacturers and suppliers.
L&ELP provide structured solutions for asset vendors who supply physical assets with maintenance, upgrade and management services.
Whether you are an end user looking to replicate a subscription model or a supplier investigating options to offer a subscription model, L&ELP can assist in structuring, funding and providing platform operators.

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Bespoke Structured Solutions.

Bespoke Solutions: Be it on or off balance sheet, maximisation of EBITDA or revenue expenditure focused.  Restructuring ,part of a new project or acquisition.
L&ELP lead the way in structured leasing solutions.
Intangible Assets Leasing: With intangible assets now accounting for upwards of 80% of your balance sheet assets, capital injections and leasing are valuable options from L&ELP.
Synthesis Leasing: L&ELP can take intangibles a step further with a Synthesis Sale & Leaseback.
Synthetic or Tax Based: L&ELP will work with you and your advisors to ensure complete balance sheet optimisation of your leasing options.
Risk Transferred, Leveraged or Investment: If you are considering investing in asset leasing from a tax and risk adjusted return basis L&ELP expertise is vital.

Please contact our CEO, Chris Bardouleau, to discuss your requirements.

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