The profile of clients served by Leveraged & Equity Lessor Partners.

L&ELP offer traditional and bespoke lease based funding and structuring for non vehicular assets, technology assets and services,intangible assets and synthesised assets.

L&ELP help corporate, emerging market economies, regulated lenders, asset managers and private investors identify, assess, manage, report and limit specific non vehicular lease based costs, risks and structuring issues they face.

Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing. In the post Covid 19 climate, operations of all kinds and sizes will need robust asset backed financing and investment that lower leasing risk profiles,  satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance asset margin performance.

Corporates, projects & sponsors.

Your business decisions, be a corporate, infrastructure sponsor or emerging market economy, predicate that the asset in question will generate revenue over and above leasing and subscription costs to you the project owners and other invested stakeholders; and that the residual revenue is sufficient to generate acceptable profit levels. L&ELP minimise lease costs, optimise balance sheets and transfer asset and asset performance risk to minimum "A" risk underwriters.

Regulated Lessors & Investors.

Post the 2007/8 financial crisis regulated lenders and investors face G-10 central bank and Basel accord compliant funding structures of increasing complexity and scrutiny.L&ELP structure leasing and rental lending through unfunded and funded non vehicular lease based lending and investment protection; as risk transfer techniques for regulated lessors to reduce regulatory capital requirements and on balance sheet risk.

Asset Managers, Private Equity, Hedge Funds & Family Offices. 

With central bank interest rates at all time lows, alternative, unregulated, and private lenders and investors face an increasing challenge to achieve acceptable investment returns; without taking unacceptable risk.
L&ELP structure risk mitigation of client identified lessor based investments offering the client a cash or cashless basis, lowering risk profile whilst enhancing yield.